Being Real

Do you get a little tired of the bullshit? I do, so this blog is where I shall pontificate about:

  • Software development silver bullets
  • Management best practices which aren’t
  • Good and bad design
  • Bad science
  • Fantastic, awe-inspiring advances in scientific understanding
  • Fake people
  • Anything that excites me, because it’s REAL!

Don’t read this blog if you are easily offended. Let’s start with swearing, because it’s another field for the PC brigade to run amok.

Children are taught not to swear. My son’s school dishes out instant detention for swearing. Why? Really, why do we care if children swear? They picked it up from us, after all. We swear as much as we want once we’re adults.

Why punish a child for something that many of us think nothing of? Why imbue certain words with all this negative emotional load? Why is can’t OK but cunt will have people squirming in embarrassment. If I say it fast enough, you can barely hear the difference. Which reminds me, one of my favourite street names in Pretoria is Proes Straat: freely translated as Crunt Street in English. If you don’t get that, I suggest you leave now and no-one gets hurt…

Balance in all things perhaps? Are we hoping for more descriptive, creative and smart English usage than just lowest common denominator fuck? A little style perhaps, in our swearing? I wish.

Being real about swearing would embrace the power of a few well chosen words, whatever those words may be. We’d take the time to teach our children the subtle nuances of language, rather than the heavy handed authoritarian No currently practiced.

I’ve got a new rallying cry for enlightened 21st century people and it’s to challenge established thinking. I’m guessing few of us realize how indoctrinated we are into thinking that our way of dealing with life is normal. Everyone else is strange.

More about me:

  • (using positive terms) – independent thinker, strong leader, high sense of responsibility, mother and nerd;
  • (using negative terms) – loose cannon, bossy, micro manager, over-protective and socially dysfunctional.
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One Response to Being Real

  1. Hilton says:

    Hey Lorraine, good thoughts on corporate trust, I agree, though they don’t sound like the musings of a micro manager. I loved the quote by Nietzsche you included. Swearing though, I find a conversational crutch. If vocabulary isn’t excercised it gets boring…for the speaker, and those who must listen to it. An enormous scarlet sofa sounds better (to me anyway) than a fucking big red couch, though granted, it can’t be overdone in everyday speech or it gets tedious and stupid. As far as children and swearing goes, as you say, they will probably swear when they grow up, but they do a lot of things when they grow up (like have sex), that is not encouraged while they are children…where to draw the line?

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