Zinzi the Basenji

We have a lovely, intelligent dog, with lots of personality. Zinzi is a Basenji, which is a little known breed, that is being actively bred in South Africa.

Originally from the Congo, they are a medium-sized hunting dog. Mostly, people know them as the dog that doesn’t bark.

They are unique in other ways too:

  • They don’t like swimming, and will lick themselves dry like a cat
  • They are climbers, and will escape most enclosures 🙂
  • Although they don’t bark, they will yodel when excited or hurt.

Zinzi has a great deal of personality, and will throw an actual temper tantrum when she is unhappy with something, like being on a lead when there are squirrels to chase!

Zinzi has 3 beautiful puppies who are now 10 weeks old and ready for new homes. They are fully pedigreed, and have already been chipped, dewormed, inoculated and registered.

Basenji Puppies

Email Kris, or leave your contact details as a comment, if you are interested in adopting the most intelligent, loyal dog, who is also very good with children. POA.

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2 Responses to Zinzi the Basenji

  1. M.C. says:

    Have the parents been DNA tested for Fanconi?

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