T minus 28

In precisely 4 weeks, Kris, Aidan and I fly out to Cyprus to join our boat for a year of cruising the Mediterranean.



This trip has been 3 years in the making, but it still feels as though we have so much still to do before we leave. The visas have been a nightmare – traveling Europe on a South African passport is not easy. There are complications with children and passports that I never expected – random things like SA not allowing a child to hold 2 passports (how the hell do you travel and send off for visa renewals on just one passport?), or Cyprus not issuing multi-entry visas to children!

The weeks are flying past. I can almost start to think about the actual trip. What sights are there in Cyprus? Where can we go skiing in the winter months? When will we leave the milder winter of Cyprus and head for Greece (our main base for the year)?

Kris has done most of the prep on the boat over 2 separate trips to Cyprus in the last 6 months. She is a 36ft catamaran called Footprints. Lovely galley (that’s the kitchen for non-boaters) and even a small bath aboard. Two double bed cabins and 2 single berth cabins, so space enough for friends to join us at various stages of the cruise.

Aidan’s school has been fantastic and set us on the right path with the text books to get and the grade 5 curriculum for next year. We’re rather looking forward to home schooling, but I have been joking with Aidan that it will be very awkward if he doesn’t like his teacher next year (me)!

The house continues under Steve’s stewardship, and Mabbs gets to look after a very elderly cat and 2 Basenjis. We’ve also found a lovely young lady tenant for our cottage, so there’ll be plenty of life at the house even without us. Kris is in his element, simplifying our life by selling all sorts of redundant stuff on Gumtree.

I plan to blog regularly about the trip, and we’d love to keep in touch with all our friends. Please follow this blog to keep in touch with us, or the Facebook page that Kris has set up called SV FOOTPRINTS. Ciao for now!

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3 Responses to T minus 28

  1. JaneF says:

    We’ll be sure to follow your adventures closely/. I am sure it’s going to be the adventure of a life time!

  2. Deanna says:

    So exciting! You are in for a terrific adventure, and you are going to be fantastic as a liveaboard, a home schooler, and vagabond adventurer.

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