Bon Voyage Braai

Saturday was our opportunity to say some goodbyes to my team at KRS. We braaied, and chatted, and drank, and ate some more. Mabbs made the most gorgeous home-made ice cream: Rum & Raisin, Brown butter and cashew brittle, and dark chocolate. The bowls were licked clean!


There was also some involuntary swimming, as Richard suffered an early bump over the deck edge into the pool! And some of the guys just chilled down by the river, while the kids played on the foofie slide. A good day for me – I’m going to miss you all.


I’ve got lots of trivia I could write about: Kris’s car is sold, Aidan’s bicycle and all our paddle ski’s are gone, all thanks to Gumtree. We’re still waiting on final visas, and watching the Rand go to hell. My sailing course is completed, and final dentist visits are booked for next week. Lists and lists of things to remember to do or to pack.

Nothing that exciting, but check in regularly as I think time will speed up now – only 11 days to go!


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2 Responses to Bon Voyage Braai

  1. Nomad says:

    Good luck on the Visa front. We know just how frustrating it can be. The French Embassy got the worng end date on our daughter’s visa, and their instructions for errors are: “Do NOT come and see us; do NOT try to phone use; just email us, and only ONCE”. Only one problem ….they do not respond to said email!! So much for customer service!!
    Hope your visas all come through perfectly!!!
    Wishing you guys a superb year!

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