Settling In on Footprints

After a  hassle-free journey from South Africa, we reached the Latsi Marina around 13H30 on the 29th December. This was Aidan’s and my first sight of Footprints – Kris jumped aboard to get the gangway in place for us.


The catamaran is as comfortable as hoped for, except that there are tons of small jobs that need to be done to turn her into a home (and some safety issues that must be done too). The worst job so far was that the outlet pump on the heads gave up the ghost on New Years eve, and Kris had to welcome in the New Year working on the heads – not fun!

Other small jobs ticked off: cabins scrubbed down and clothes unpacked; galley mostly sorted out; and wifi repeater installed so we can pick up hotspots. The wifi cabling is a disaster – I have a directional aerial tied to the mast, and cables draped all over the boat back into the saloon. This will need to be installed in a more permanent manner, but for now we are just grateful to be connected with the world again.

We did a big shopping trip to Pafos yesterday. Debenhams have a post Christmas sale on, and I found lots of gorgeous Egyptian cotton at very reasonable prices. Kris gritted his teeth at my indulgences and didn’t complain 🙂

We also bought all the small appliances that we need to run the kitchen, and a good hand held vacuum cleaner. The only big item still needed is a new mattress. The foam mattress in the main cabin is decidedly past it, and has a low spot in the middle so you roll inwards. I hope to have an order in for a new mattress to be made up within a day or two (boats are like caravans, mattresses are not standard sizes).

Luckily we have arrived over a warm spell, so although it’s winter here, the days are sunny and warm. Lunch on Sunday (our first full day) was a medley of smoked salmon, hummus, brie and crackers, and I can definitely say that we are settling in!


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5 Responses to Settling In on Footprints

  1. Izak Fick says:

    This looks fantastic Lor. Wish I could email you some fresh litchis and mangoes which is what keep us busy at the moment. Have a super and joyous 2013 on the boat.

  2. Nomad says:

    Looking good! Would love to see some pics of the inside of the boat when you get on top of your little jobs. Good job on the internet connectivity – the greatest challenge when trying to do a blog from remote places.

  3. ash says:

    awesome. love the update can’t wait for more x

    • lor342 says:

      Thanks Ash! Sorry I couldn’t visit you in the rush before we left, and meet baby Takuma. Hope you’re enjoying motherhood, and getting some sleep xx

  4. Richard says:

    Great start Lor. Looks like you are of to a tremendous start.
    Wishing You, Kris and Aidan a wonderful new year filled with great experiences and adventures.

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