Heads Up!

Who’d a thought that heads were so important? I remember the last sailing trip with Kris in 2007 in the Bahamas, where we showered under a solar camping shower on deck. But that was in the Caribbean, in early summer. This is winter, and a rather chilly one at that.

Footprints is a huge improvement, with a little bath/shower arrangement, basin and toilet (the heads, in nautical terms). Hot water is still supplied by the camping shower bag, hung above the bath. It’s primitive, but workable. However, even our minimalistic heads were out of commission end of last week, as Kris and the local boat handyman, Gregori, installed a black water tank. I’ll spare you the details of black water…

For 3 days, our heads were a complete shambles. Loose pipes everywhere, and most of the days occupied by Gregori in various contortionist positions (it’s a small space). There is only so much personal cleaning that can be done with wet wipes. The most glorious experience was enjoying a shower on Sunday once the black water tank was in, and Gregori was out.

Looking ahead  (!), Kris has promised us a hot water system, which is much to be lusted after. Boaters usually rely on heating the water with the engine. You run the engines, and they heat up the water as a byproduct of their operation. This involves some interesting flow of pipes, as the water must be routed via the engine to the hot water taps (galley and heads). We hope to have running hot water before we leave Cyprus, which will be luxury indeed 🙂

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One Response to Heads Up!

  1. clyde says:

    Hi Lor

    Great to read your posts – reminds me of my backpacking adventures around Asia many years ago – very jealous.. enjoy every minute.. even the challenging times (no hot water! smile)
    all the best


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