I’ve had some amazing luck in my life. I do believe that part of it is that I go through life looking for opportunities (all sorts: business, social, health …), so I tend to see more of them as they crop up than many others. I think we also make some of our luck by the way we run our lives.

I have a “no regrets” approach to life. I’d prefer to make a few mistakes, than regret not taking an opportunity. On this basis, I have raced a 350hp drag bike, flown gliders, jumped off bridges, got married, and recently gone sailing.

But I am now embarking on the biggest opportunity (and risk) of my business life. Firstly, I am leaving the business that I founded 26 years ago in the hands of a new generation of management – people whom I trust implicitly, but it is rather like seeing your kid all grown up and leaving the nest!

This is to make time to start something new. I have this opportunity to build a mobile service business with some exceedingly bright and talented people, who seem to believe that my vision of what we can achieve is worth following.

Together, we have had the most amazing first week – defining the scope of the product that we want to build, deciding on our technology and making some awesome simplifying decisions together with our team and some very valued friends.

This next piece is a bit “techie” so just skip the paragraph if your eyes glaze over – we have an Azure server already set up, automated builds coming out of Jenkins, prototype code that runs on Android, wireframes that have been through a focus group review, data coming from two of our integration sources, Cloud communications set up, a wiki and a Github vault. I could have left out the detail, but I’m just so pumped about it all!

It’s going to be a long haul from here to an income stream. Mobile businesses with a social component are high risk. Against that, we have a great deal of business experience between us, the best people, passion and vision, and at least some start-up capital. I feel very lucky…

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One Response to Luck

  1. krissteyn says:

    I feel like I am in good company – grinz !

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