Lorraine Steyn

Khanyisa Real Systems

KRS is the software house that I founded in 1987, with partner Steve Mabbutt. It’s where we do creative, meaningful and useful software development, and get paid for our troubles. For many years, KRS was my primary child and raison d’être.


Challenging, rewarding, almost missed-out-on Motherhood came at 40. Boy child has brought love and laughter to my life. A good relationship a few years later found me rather surprisingly married at 46, and soon to go on a year long sabbatical yacht trip with both boy child and sailor husband.

Attitudes and aptitudes

KRS coined Simplifier-in-chief for my talent at cutting through the fluff, and I like the title enough to keep it for now. I’m mainly a sceptical, independent thinker, with a penchant for developing useful software.

Mobile What’s On

My new venture is a mobile application for discovering What’s On in your city. Our vision is  for high quality curated content with social integration. Watch this space towards the end of 2013 …


What say you?

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