I’ve had some amazing luck in my life. I do believe that part of it is that I go through life looking for opportunities (all sorts: business, social, health …), so I tend to see more of them as they … Continue reading

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We’re all mad

I’m feeling philosophical – I think this state is called two-beer life clarity. I get worse with more beer. I think society is pretty fucked up. Lets start with food – do you know what kind of junk we shove … Continue reading

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Design fundamentals

I frequently see examples of bad design, and one device where bad design really gets to me, is the toilet! You’d think that humanity could get a toilet right – after all, we’ve been using them long enough. Think of … Continue reading

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Agile for families

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This is our boat Scrum Board. The left is the Backlog, the skinny strip of stickies to the left of the barometer is the current Sprint, and Done is a pile at the bottom. My family doesn’t seem ready for … Continue reading

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Courses, cooking & scrum

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Kris has oodles of experience sailing, but no formal qualifications. I was pleasantly surprised when he agreed to do the paperwork, and get his Day Skippers ticket with me in Latsi. The local sailing school is run by some very … Continue reading

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Heads Up!

Who’d a thought that heads were so important? I remember the last sailing trip with Kris in 2007 in the Bahamas, where we showered under a solar camping shower on deck. But that was in the Caribbean, in early summer. … Continue reading

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Chione’s wrath

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Chione, Goddess of Snow, was not pleased with us. Aidan and I had abandoned Kris at the boat, and were driving into the Troodos mountains in search of ski and snowboard runs. It had been an easy run from Latsi, … Continue reading

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