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We’re all mad

I’m feeling philosophical – I think this state is called two-beer life clarity. I get worse with more beer. I think society is pretty fucked up. Lets start with food – do you know what kind of junk we shove … Continue reading

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Design fundamentals

I frequently see examples of bad design, and one device where bad design really gets to me, is the toilet! You’d think that humanity could get a toilet right – after all, we’ve been using them long enough. Think of … Continue reading

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We go the extra mile, really

“We are proud to provide EXCELLENT service – we go the extra mile”. What bollocks. Being polite to customers is the baseline behaviour that businesses should provide. The mom-and-pop stores of my childhood had an owner that knew our names, … Continue reading

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Being Real

Do you get a little tired of the bullshit? I do, so this blog is where I shall pontificate about: Software development silver bullets Management best practices which aren’t Good and bad design Bad science Fantastic, awe-inspiring advances in scientific … Continue reading

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