Impressed with Pair Programming

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Just what is pair programming? Extreme Programming defined it as two developers who team together and work on one computer to develop user stories. Does that work? That was my question last year, and I decided the only way to … Continue reading

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The whiteness of racism

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racism: noun: prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior. Growing up and growing older in South Africa, has given me plenty of opportunities to see racism … Continue reading

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A rant on behalf of women…

You can never be too rich or too thin, said Wallis Simpson, pithily summing up a lot that is wrong with the world. Women are constantly pressured to conform to external views of beauty and presentation. There are many aspects of the social … Continue reading

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Pamukkale, “cotton castles”, was the highlight of our year’s sightseeing. This incredible natural formation is in south west Turkey, 3 hours from the coast along some of the nicest freeways I’ve had the pleasure of driving in Turkey, Greece or Albania. … Continue reading

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Boat schooling

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It was a huge shock to us all when Aidan failed his mid-term exams. He’d gone back to SA to see his dad, and the school arranged 2 days for him to come in and write the June exams for … Continue reading

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Driving in Shqipëria and Hellas

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Shqipëria, or Albania, has only seen an influx of vehicles in the last 15+ years. In the communist days, cars were a rarity. Driving around the country, you can’t help but notice how many large Mercs there are – obviously … Continue reading

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Half way

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We have been on our catamaran, Footprints, for half a year now. It seems like a good mark to summarize the trip, and how I find life as a live-aboard family. We started the year in Cyprus. Looking back, we … Continue reading

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